48-Hour Desktop Appraisals

Emerging rules and regulations make it simple to delight your customers with 48-hour purchase appraisals.

About The Webinar

In today’s environment, it’s more important than ever to position yourself to take advantage of technology and processes to help you win more business. Learn about what’s coming in the mortgage market with leaders at Class Valuation and Fannie Mae.

Digital appraisals are becoming a large portion of the valuation market. With 48-hour purchase appraisals, Class Valuation gives you the tools and experience you need to succeed with digital appraisals.

Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac are finding new ways to facilitate reliable valuations quickly. Class Valuation is making it easier to gather the property data you need, whether you qualify for an appraisal waiver or need a hybrid or desktop appraisal.

You don’t want to miss how Class Valuation leads the way with the GSEs to remove obstacles to closing more loans faster.

You'll Learn

  • What percent of valuations will move to digital appraisals?
  • How can 48-hour purchase appraisals give you an advantage in today's changing market?
  • What is the future of appraisal waivers?
  • Why is consistent data collection so important to real estate valuation?
  • How can emerging technology improve the marketability of a listing?
  • How close are we to 24-hour appraisals?
  • How to order a desktop appraisal in DU®

Justin Alexander is the Director of Collateral Strategy & Innovation at Fannie Mae, managing a team that focuses on modernizing the home valuation process. Responsible for testing new technologies and ways to enhance collateral risk management, Justin’s team assesses ways to leverage tools such as geographic information system (GIS) data and image recognition. Justin began his industry career with over 17 years of appraisal experience and spent the last 7 years focusing on data analysis, risk strategy, and appraisal modernization, Before Fannie Mae, Justin worked at First American Financial Corporation, building and enhancing products. Before that, he worked at CoreLogic, leveraging his industry experience as a fraud and risk strategist and industry solutions advisor.

About Our Guests

Justin Alexander

Director, SF Collateral Risk - Risk Management

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If you already place orders with Class Valuation, you can order 48-hour desktop appraisals now!

Scot Rose

Chief Innovation Officer, Class Valuation

With over 20 years of valuation industry experience, Scot Rose partners with industry stakeholders and the Class executive team to drive modernization, advance product and platform innovation, and help ensure thoughtful change. Scot has served as Vice Chair of the Colorado Board of Real Estate Appraisers, is a certified residential appraiser, and remains committed to the appraisal industry.

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Our Host

Jon Tallinger

Chief Growth Officer, Class Valuation

Since helping to start Class as its first employee in 2009, Jon has played several key roles throughout the company. Now, his primary focus is planning and leading the company’s growth initiatives. Under Jon’s direction, Class’s Sales & Marketing Team helped the company grow by over 250% since the start of 2016. Jon and his team are planning for even bigger growth and success in the years to come.

Class Valuation has an exciting new program for loan originators that delivers 48-hour purchase appraisals. We aim to cut turn times for 70% to 80% of purchase loans to help you win in a competitive market. To accomplish this, we require orders to be submitted as 1004/70 Desktop appraisals instead of traditional appraisals.

Many purchase loans for Freddie Mac® and Fannie Mae®; should qualify for a desktop appraisal as it is now policy and only requires LTV ratios of less than or equal to 90%. However, you must verify eligibility through LPA℠ and DU®. With 48-hour appraisals, borrowers and agents get the confidence they need and an exceptional experience.

Stay Ahead with Unprecedented Accuracy!

For 1004/70 Desktop appraisals, Property Fingerprint technology not only improves speed, but improves quality in an effort to remove considerable friction! Underwriter revision rates reduced by 85% and reconsideration of value requests reduced by 65% - this is significant and inspires confidence with your partners and borrowers. This will also help loan originators get over the finish line faster with less hassle and stay ahead of the competition.

The Many Benefits of 48-Hour Appraisals

- Gives borrowers and agents confidence and eases anxiety to create a positive experience.
- Satisfied customers and real estate agents lead to more referral business for loan originators.
- Class's desktop solution, Property Fingerprint, does autonomous 3D scanning and provides unprecedented accuracy and speed.
- Provides virtual digital twins of the property to appraisers so they have a complete view of the property.
- Mitigates bias through a bifurcated inspection and appraisal process.
- Lower revision rates (down 85%) and reconsideration of value requests (down 65%).