Introducing: #ClientExperience

Our blog is full of tips and tricks to help you and your clients throughout the appraisal process.

  • Introducing: #ClientExperience

    How often do you feel, as a consumer, that you are just another means of profit for retailers? Whether met with poor service levels, lengthy response times, automated messages, or unfriendly people, our perception of these types of companies can quickly turn sour and can impact a business’ bottom line.

    At Class Valuation, we strive to give our clients the best experience. We do this by providing response times under five minutes and having a real person available to answer questions around the clock. With the hustle and bustle that accompanies our industry, there is no time to sit and wait for answers or results. Our biggest priority is to ensure your borrower’s dreams come true. It is easy to sell a product or a vision, however, when it comes to the customer service one receives, that takes trust and a sense of promise. At Class Valuation, we guarantee that your files will be handled with urgency, care, and quality as if they were our own loans and homes at stake.

    In an effort to elevate your experience even more, our Client Services team has created a new program to offer you and your borrowers an extra level of service and deliver useful tips and tricks to make the appraisal process smoother: #ClientExperience. The Client Services team will be creating videos and blogs to offer you and your borrowers a better understanding of the appraisal process and what to expect from Class Valuation. This program is a collection of frequently asked questions that one may have with the appraisal process to help educate and ensure a stress-free appraisal.

    So, what can your borrowers expect from Class Valuation? They can expect full-service assistance, from start to completion. You, and your borrowers, are not another number to us— you are a partner that we get to grow with. Our clients are our biggest assets, and we want to ensure they have a wide range of assistance during every step of the process.

    With the #ClientExperience program, all your questions can be answered with a phone call or message to us. This program was made to offer your borrowers an extra level of service with every order that is placed. We are excited to make your 2019 customer experience the best that it can be, while ensuring you always have a supporter on your side. This is what the #ClientExperience program is all about—you!

    About the Author:

    Michael Holmes is the Director of Client Services at Class Valuation. He is passionate about customer service, and wants to ensure the best client experience through constant communication and care. He can be reached at (248) 220-2536 or by email at

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