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As a technology-first company and industry leader, Class Valuation was compelled to develop the most sophisticated technology that would provide the highest accuracy and speed. The result was our digital Property Fingerprint solution. At the heart of this solution is the industry's first 3D autonomous property scanning technology that does 360-degree precision scans and generates a digital twin of the property inclusive of ANSI floor plans at unprecedented levels of consistency.

Our Property Fingerprint technology is portable and fungible across GSEs and all digital products and is the future of property scanning. It is quickly becoming the standard and source of truth for property data capture as it eliminates human error. For example, Fannie Mae recently shared that when multiple traditional appraisals are delivered on the same property, more than 20% of those appraisal reports disagree with the GLA by more than 10%.

Similarly, other AMCs utilizing 2D technology do not capture 360-degree imagery via an automated solution, which could result in significant exclusions/gaps, human error, missteps, and delays. If you had negative experiences with other AMCs' desktop or digital products, it could have been because of the above reasons. Our high-resolution 3D scanning solution is the most reliable technology in the market and is years ahead of the competition.

- Detailed property geocoded data can never question the property's location and time of inspection.

- Virtual models of the entire property, with both inside and outside views with the ability to zoom in for a closer look at the details or zoom out for the bigger picture.

- Ability to revisit the property virtually any time – for clarity, you need to close sooner.

- You don't miss any information with 360-degree 3D autonomous scanning; it cuts out multiple revisits and saves valuable time. Don't leave yourself vulnerable with the same 2D approaches other providers depend on.

Are you ready to cut your appraisal turn times by nearly 50% and close deals faster?

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Now Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae compliant Desktop Appraisals, Hybrid Appraisals, and ACE+ PDR are doing just that at scale. The news gets even better; digital appraisals not only improve speed but accuracy and quality as well, which has resulted in a significant decrease in underwriting revision rates (down 85%) as well as reconsideration of value requests (down 65%) - this is huge for getting over the finish line faster. But this may be bad news for you if you are not adopting digital appraisals, as the competition is scaling their digital efforts at a rapid pace because faster appraisals help them close more deals and are improving their economics. Take action today to stay competitive!

The Digital Appraisal Revolution has Arrived!




The speed, accuracy, and high-resolution experience of our digital appraisal products are game-changers as it cuts turn times by close to 50% and increases pull-through rates, borrower trust, transparency, and satisfaction. These benefits translate to more business and significantly improve the overall economics and profitability of a lender or broker.

Longer appraisal wait times erode borrower trust and negatively impact the customer experience and satisfaction, resulting in lower loan pull-through rates, referral business, cross-sell opportunities, retention, and repurchase. In a competitive market, the problem is further complicated with upfront cash buyers and multiple offers on the table; delays can have adverse consequences. Digital appraisal products are an antidote to all these problems. 

Class’s 3D scan technology and virtual tour remove subjectivity, reduces human dependencies, mitigate errors, and standardize the data collection process. This creates source of truth property data, delivering a transparent, objective view of all property characteristics. This also provides separation between the appraiser and borrower/owner, as there is no contact, further reducing the potential for bias in the process.

- Ease of Use: Simply request the digital appraisal, and we’ll handle the rest. And with the speed of Property Fingerprint, appraisals can be completed in record time and as quickly as 48 hours. 

- Data Transferability: Using Property Fingerprint, 100% of the property data is collected upon the first scan, which is transferable to any appraisal type and GSE ensuring your borrowers will never be bothered with an additional property data request. 

- Efficiency: Take advantage of a more seamless process and cut out the back and forth. With Property Fingerprint, underwriter revision rates have been reduced by 85%

- Happier Agents: Your real estate agents will thank you! Don't put them through long, tedious traditional inspection. Class's Digital Capture Specialist with a high level of customer service orientation will help capture the required data with our 3D autonomous scanners in 30 minutes and be out the door vs. 2- 3 hours with 2D technology.


Almost every other competitive product in the market that supports GSE-compliant desktop appraisal and GSE-Compliant 1004 Hybrid/70H Appraisals are either using older 2D scanning technology or sketching applications. In contrast, our Property Fingerprint 3D autonomous scanning technology eliminates the risk of human error and consistently produces the same accurate results.

2D is only as good as the individuals taking the photography and how detail-oriented they are, which leaves a lot of room for error, delays, and revisits may be required.

The risk with 2D picture-taking increases as GLA measurements requires ceiling height, below-grade spaces, and stairs that require complex measurement, ideally done with 3D scanning for consistent accuracy. Also, the potential impact poorer quality 2D images could have on the property valuation is real as it may provide a less than perfect impression and experience of the property, over and above the risk of inaccurate measurement and potential of human error with 2D approaches.

- Our Property Fingerprint 3D technology captures a fungible property data set that is transferable across GSEs and supports all property data collection products, including but not limited to ACE + PDR, Data and Waiver, Hybrid, and Desktop Appraisals.

- The high-resolution 3D virtual tour we provide is a powerful feature that helps appraisers experience the property as though they were there in person and is an optimal experience. 

- The competition's 2D process results in close to a 100-page PDF document which can be frustrating for appraisers and is a poorer user experience than the seamless digital solutions that our 3D platform offers.


We combine state-of-the-art technology and automated multi-level workflows that operate in parallel to deliver digital appraisals with accuracy and speed our clients love and value. Our approach was meticulously planned, developed, and optimized, with tens of thousands of digital appraisals completed over the last 12 months. 

Our turnkey solution is far superior in every way to what any other AMC offers. If you had a negative experience with another AMC, let us assure you we offer a proven solution adopted by the most prominent lenders in the industry, supported by the most sophisticated AI and world-class technology.


Class Valuation has successfully completed the verification process and is an verified provider for Freddie Mac's new ACE+ PDR solution.

In July 2022, Freddie Mac transitioned from offering ACE assessment for appraisal waivers to offering ACE+ PDR for cash-out refinances and certain no cash-out refinances. This means a Property Data Report (PDR) is now required for these approved loans. A PDR is a comprehensive report of property data physically collected by a trained data collector and technology fulfilling the proprietary Freddie Mac PDR dataset specifications. A PDR provides detailed information about the property's condition, floorplan, amenities, etc. and allows lenders to continue to benefit from originating loans without an appraisal while still obtaining data on the property for risk assessment.

The data set requirements to participate are very comprehensive, and Class Valuation's Property Fingerprint Report provides lenders with everything they need to leverage this new and exciting product. Turn times are 4 -5 days faster for completing a PDR vs. a traditional appraisal. With speed and no valuation required, ACE+ PDR is a clear winner and offers a solution to help lenders get to the closing table faster and with greater certainty.

"Property Fingerprint is the only 3D scan technology utilizing virtual inspection to collect comprehensive, standardized, and repeatable data collection," said Scot Rose, Chief Innovation Officer at Class Valuation. "We are thrilled to be leading the way and enabling our partners to take advantage of these new and exciting programs like ACE+ PDR, desktop, and hybrid appraisals."

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