Every File. Every Day. All The Way.

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  • Every File. Every Day. All The Way.

    Every File.  Every Day.  All The Way.

    When it comes to Class Appraisal’s assigning process , the customer service tracking of an order to completion, and Key Accounts servicing of orders that are veering off line, I have a unique perspective to these processes as I am engaged in all 3 activities. I came up with the title of this blog on a whim. A short, snappy quip of how I approach my daily workload that would cover all the bases, and how I would like each client and Appraiser we deal with to view our efforts at Class Appraisal.

    Let me break it down:

    Every File.

    Each order begins with finding a competent and available appraiser that is geographically familiar with the area of the assignment. Not every order is an assigning slam dunk, and for those challenging files, I reach out to our panel of appraisers to determine who in the market area is the most competent with respect to location, complexity and the product requested.

    Once an Appraiser has accepted an order, I follow up on each and every file until the inspection is set. In some cases we need to obtain more contact information for the Appraiser. This type of communication is important because time stands still for no file. A file not acted upon is a file that is more likely to veer off track at a later time. Once an inspection is set, the file may ‘rest’. However, after the inspection is completed, it is back on the daily radar, up to and through the due date. We wish that every file was perfect upon first submission, but revisions do happen. As a Key Account Executive, I investigate every file in revision status and work tirelessly until the report is completed and delivered to the client.

     Every Day.

    Each and every day we are here at Class Appraisal to service both our clients and vendors. We are not a creator of goods, but rather a facilitator of services, as mandated by federal regulations. It is how efficiently we facilitate that determines our success as an AMC. Every day I strive to make the process smoother by communication and acquired knowledge of the products offered in the valuation world. The last thing a borrower, broker or loan officer desires in the process is to be unaware of the status of the order. Appraisers also don’t want to wait endlessly for direction from the client as to how to proceed. I update both client and vendor on a daily basis for issues that need attention, and not just through impersonal messages and email. The simple act of picking up the phone and using old fashioned voice to voice communication is an invaluable tool I use to solve problems or clarify issues. I also welcome incoming calls. Class Appraisal fields on average over 350 calls daily and to paraphrase Forrest Gump: “When you pick up that phone, you never know what you’re gonna get”

    All The Way.

    It is one thing to look at an order, to touch an order and be a problem identifier. It is another to dig deep and be a problem solver. If I don’t know the answer, I will find the person within our organization that does and have the issue solved swiftly and accurately. Most issues and problems don’t resolve themselves and it is our responsibility not just to identify them accurately, but to follow through until the file has been completed.

    Another approach I take with “All the way” is to not only look at the file as it is currently situated, but  look ahead and envision any potential problems that can be dealt with immediately while time is our ally, not our enemy. This forward thinking approach is vital to a smooth client-AMC-vendor relationship.

    In conclusion, I wish to state that I have enjoyed my time here at Class Appraisal immensely, more so than any job I previously held. The fast pace, the great co-workers, and the constant decision making required is right up my alley. I look forward to working with each one of you with the mindset of: Every File. Every Day. All The Way.

    Bill Adlhoch – Key Account Executive

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