February Client of the Month: Andraya Coulter

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  • February Client of the Month: Andraya Coulter

    About Andraya

    I have been in Mortgage Lending for over a decade now with over 90% being residential and about 10% being private money and commercial transactions.  For the past almost 2 and a half years I have happily been back on the Broker side with C2 Financial Corporation.  My team is referred to as the Coulter Crew and we are hard core committed to superior customer service, helping our clients fully understand their options, and closing on time, on budget, and right the first time.

    When my time is not focused on clients and supporting my Realtor partners with rock star results, I love hanging out with my family and planning out future vacations.  I am a bit of a Disney Lover extraordinaire and have also taken a liking to cruising.  I have been known to stay in the Disney parks solo (single rider perks yeah!) after my kids have tired out with head to pillow back at the hotel.  Before you get alarmed, my youngest is 14 and the other two are 21 and 24 (all gorgeous girls) so them leaving the park together without me isn’t child endangerment.  They appreciate the Disney experiences but they can’t seem to keep up with mom on marinating in the magic.

    We are a blended family and my bonus children are 11 (stepdaughter) and 23 (stepson).  They live in Texas, and my husband is actually clear across the Country from me now in Virginia working as an active duty Civilian supporting Langley AFB.  He is an honorable Veteran who was a Combat Controller during his active duty time in addition to working ATC.  Considering my husband isn’t at a forward operating base in any imminent danger I have a lot to be grateful for despite the distance.  Plus I am now a Southwest A Lister… 😉  Have laptop, work travels with me.

    A last fun fact; I got to dance in the Super Bowl in January 1993 at the Pasadena Rose Bowl when the Cowboys beat the Bills.  They have been my football team ever since, winning or losing.  My loyalty tested over the years with plenty of losing too…

    I am so honored to be chosen by Class Valuation as their Love month Client of the Month!  The Class Team has been absolutely wonderful to work with.  They maintain the human kindness and connection beyond just great results that we all need to have as partners of excellence!

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