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  • How May I Help You?

    We live in a world where customer service is at the heart of everything we do. Whatever profession you may be in, you need customers in order to be successful. With that being said, it is crucial to understand the difference between customers and satisfied customers. This understanding will set you apart from your competition.

    As a customer myself, I’m not only interested in the products offered to me, but also my experience along the way. Think about a time you experienced poor customer service. I’m sure it’s not long before you can think of several different occasions. Although a company will survive without my patronage, they will surely lose free advertising and my recommendation. All it takes is just one person to share his or her negative experience.  So why not go the extra mile to not only create, but also maintain a long lasting business relationship with all your customers? In the long run, excellent customer service will keep loyal clients and bring forth new ones, driving steady business to your company today and in the future. And always remember, customers never forget.

    Here at Class Appraisal, you are not just another client, but rather a trusted friend in business. Not only does our staff understand the importance and value each relationship holds, but also the importance of maintaining each business relationship for years to come. It is no surprise that we may face challenges during the valuation process; however, aligning with a trusted business partner is vital to every successful business. Realistically speaking, there may not always be a perfect solution, but engaging with someone that you trust is important. Simply knowing you can trust someone who might live across the country or someone you have never met before is quite amazing! One way Class Appraisal strives to make this connection is by providing our clients with incomparable customer service. We are committed to doing the right thing in order to earn your trust and ensure your experience is a pleasant one.  Our team is passionate and determined to outperform our competition. Or should I say, continue to outperform our competition…

    Elena Stojanovski – Business Relationship Director

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