Introducing Class Appraisal’s: FIRST. BLOG. EVER.

Our blog is full of tips and tricks to help you and your clients throughout the appraisal process.

  • Introducing Class Appraisal’s: FIRST. BLOG. EVER.

    Committing to a Blog is a lofty mission to say the least.  If you think about it, the implications of having a blog; and a successful blog at that, are basically straight up terrifying.  Then, when you realize your entry actually should probably be interesting, informative and at the same time entertaining…well, for me, that’s when I slowly began to break out in hives.  We are real estate valuation specialists.  We are data nerds and lending experts who delight in reciting USPAP and debating Fannie and Freddie guidelines.  We are appraisers and analysts who know how to produce bulletproof appraisal reports, but are we writers?  Well, I guess we’re about to find out….

    This commitment is something way more involved than mindlessly throwing words on paper and zapping it out into cyberspace.  To do this right, we have to know how to write.  And what we have decided, during a relatively sane moment mind you, is to publish a blog post, authored by a lucky contestant and team member at Class Appraisal.  Within an industry where regulation has inhibited free communication intended to prevent coercion, influence and protect the integrity of the valuation process, I boldly propose we rebel, just a little, and engage in some thoughtful dialogue.

    Just so there’s no confusion, let’s lay out some specs for the lucky author who will be tasked with the following:

      1. Quick Creativity on Command (and if you put the PRO in procrastination, like me, you’re up for a real challenge).
      2. Content awareness. A dedication to the procurement of information that is COOL, CATCHY and RELEVANT.
      3. Communicate ideas that ATTRACT and actually HOLD on to the ever shorting attention span of our readers.
      4. Relate! Tell a story, your story, one beyond the day to day adventures in appraisal management.  Believe it or not, the Class Appraisal team is chalked FULL of potent personality and wisdom.



    1. Pay someone else to do all of the above for you. Which will most likely be Leah, who is easily bought by Mediterranean food and chocolate chip cookies.

    So, guess which step was taken to generate this little gem?

    Yep, ding, ding, ding, you guessed it!!!

    Number 4.  Obviously.  I have a feeling I’m going to be eating a lot of chicken Greek salads this year.

    Honestly, when I first heard we were doing this I said “who in this industry has the time to write a BLOG?!”, and this coming from the girl who actually loves to write.  I mean, who has the time to even eat breakfast, do ones hair or paint ones nails before getting to work anymore?!  Well, according to the woman driving (weaving?) behind me on my way to work this morning, NOT MANY, and certainly not her.

    All joking aside, TODAY is a very exciting day for Class Appraisal and for YOU too.  We have re-energized our brand, refreshed our signature colors, established a culture conducive to collaboration, added some incredible human capital, and are beyond excited to share all of the truly revolutionary things that are happening under our roof.

    This zone is intended to give everyone a break from the everyday grind.  View this page as a safe harbor that is a creative outlet, a soap box and podium to reestablish the human element, reaffirm the importance of relationships in business and the ingenuity and the passion that is the engine which drives the team players at Class Appraisal.

    This is now a cyber think tank that will allow our colleagues to reveal what’s on their mind, what they’re passionate about, within the industry, or out, but most importantly, to interact and connect with our “people”!

    That’s you.

    So this is your assignment. Please share your thoughts, opinions, constructive feedback and ideas.  It’s important because it helps us be better and become better business partners.  This plea goes out to our Appraisers, Lenders, Real Estate Agents, Regulators, Brokers, Borrowers, future Appraises and anyone else interested in real estate, mortgage banking, valuation and everything connected.

    The goal here is increased awareness, which will ultimately lead to the evolution and betterment of our industry.  We will also have some “Special Guest Bloggers” from time to time, so stay tuned for those features.  The main purpose is to understand how we can all be better at what we do, at work, at home and BEYOND!

    What are WE doing today to influence change? Well, we’re about to tell you.  And what are YOU doing today to further that movement? Tell us. We want to hear from you.

    So let’s start the conversation.  The new journey begins today!

    Leah Gress – Director of Client Services and Operations

  • Adam DeRose says:
    October 18, 2013 at 6:23 pm

    Great work Leah!

    • Leah says:
      November 1, 2013 at 10:58 am

      Thanks Adam! Looking forward to your contributions and thoughts as you have an expert inside knowledge of how technology supports our business. Thanks for the visit and the feedback!

  • Danny Williams says:
    October 30, 2013 at 8:34 pm

    Looking forward to more of your thoughts. Good luck Leah.

    • Leah says:
      November 1, 2013 at 11:01 am

      Thank you Danny! You are our in field, on site reporter and expert. We would love to hear more about what you’re seeing in your market and other appraiser insight that the industry can benefit from. Thank you for taking the time to read and respond!


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