Is Your Home Appraisal Ready?

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  • Is Your Home Appraisal Ready?

    Spring and Summer are the prime home-selling seasons, and it is a seller’s market, but what are you doing to improve market value for your home? Improving your property value is important whether you are a potential seller or not. If you are a potential seller, then there are some things to consider in order to get your home “Appraisal Ready” It does not constitute home renovations necessarily. Sometimes it just takes a few special touches to go from ordinary to extraordinary.

    Clean as A Whistle First impressions are crucial, right? So why not make a good first impressions by keeping your home nice and orderly for an appraisal or showing? Although the cleanliness of your home does not impact the appraisal report, it definitely won’t hurt to de-clutter and straighten up. Another tip, a quick touch up of paint on the walls can really brighten a room. Make sure those patched walls and childhood drawings are painted over before an appraisal.

    Where’s the House? Having the interior of the home looking great is only the first step. If your landscaping is so overgrown that the potential buyers are asking “where is the house” you know it is time to trim those trees. Pruning, trimming and weeding can do wonders for that first glance at your home. It is the little things that stand out during a showing. Even during an appraisal, if an appraiser has to step over weeds or tree limbs and roots it may cause them to pause when issuing their condition rating of the property.

    Focus, Fix, Sell! What’s the one room that most entices homebuyers? The Kitchen! Fixing those minor blemishes (burn marks, rusty handles, a leaky faucet) can really help with the value of your home. The good news? This can be done quickly, easily, and for a lower price than re-doing an entire kitchen. It saves you both time and money to do a little home repair on the areas that need it most. Another tip, create space. Open rooms create a sense of fluidity and light, making the home appear larger.

    This is just the beginning of potential ways to improve your home. There are many different aspects to home improvement. If you start with the basics you will be on your way to making your home “appraisal ready”.

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