Revolutionizing the Company Culture

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  • Revolutionizing the Company Culture

    Have you ever struggled with fostering a better, more inclusive company culture? This seems to be a common concern among companies, and Class Appraisal has created the Team Member Services Department to further promote our company culture. In fact, within the past 6 months there have been so many positive changes that our team has responded with overwhelming approval.

    As with most businesses, there are several different departments within Class Appraisal; the team members of which do not regularly intermix in the day-to-day parts of their jobs. However, because we understand that each play a critical role to Class’ overall success we go out of our way to foster fun and friendship among the teams. Here at Class Appraisal, our culture is all about making each and every member feel like a valuable part of the team from the moment they chose to join our company.

    How are we doing this?

    Not only do we send each and every new hire a box of chocolates before they even start; on their first day we introduce them to the team via email detailing some of their hobbies, favorite movies/television shows, music preferences and past experiences. This helps create a common ground with those who already work here while building a foundation for personal conversations.

    Team Member Services works tirelessly to bring everyone together in a fun and creative manner. We provide daily fresh fruit infused water to encourage healthy living. Every Wednesday the team looks forward to the treat cart where they can grab a candy bar, some mixed nuts or even chips to help break up the week with something tasty. Additionally, lunches are regularly brought in, ranging from pizza to taco bars, to congratulate the team on excellent performance and continuing business growth. These are just some of the ways that we show our appreciation for everything our team accomplishes on a daily basis. Also, we deliver monthly trainings which breaks the company into small groups of people from each department to learn and grow together and we organize a monthly Team Member Appreciation Day where we do team building exercises, such as the well-known Marshmallow Challenge.

    Class Appraisal exists because of what our team accomplishes, and we are committed to creating an environment where appreciation, fun and friendship flow endlessly with a culture that is all inclusive.

    Jen Kettle
    Team Member Services Manager

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