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  • Randy G

    “You guys are professional and truly care about your appraisers, which is not the case with a lot of the other AMCs I work with. Thanks!”

  • William W

    “Great partnership! Plenty of orders, turn time expectations are reasonable and communication is quick and professional with a sense of equal appreciation of our working partnership.”

  • Michelle J

    “I like the professionalism and clear outline of expectations. Requests are reasonable and I feel appreciated for my hard work-I feel we are a team at Class Valuation.”

  • Daniel F

    “I get a lot of work from Class Valuation. Communication is timely and productive. I was accepted on the panel a few years ago and Class has remained my most steady and loyal client. The

  • Nicholas B

    “You guys are one of my favorites to work for and glad we are back in the loop together. No matter the time of day, you guys are there and usually have a great and

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