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    As a mortgage broker for more than 12 years, I have used various AMCs since they were implemented and have had my fair share of disappointments. When Class Valuation reached out to me recently to introduce themselves, I very frankly told them I was not interested. But a very politely persistent person, Michael Holmes, followed up and told me that Class Valuation had a whole different way of operating. He listened to all my concerns and frustrations and promised me that if I gave them a chance, they would not disappoint. With great hesitation, I sent them my next two files and WOW, I was absolutely blown away! They have exceeded all my expectations with turn times, amazing service and communication! One of my files had a very difficult underwriter, with a challenging request regarding a comp, and I thought it would kill the loan. But, the appraiser found a comp that met the request, satisfied the underwriter and in record time! I will never use another AMC! Thank you Michael and Class Valuation…it is a great feeling to work with a company I know I can trust to serve my clients and me well!

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