The Delicate Balance of Serving Two Industries: The AMC Saga

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  • The Delicate Balance of Serving Two Industries: The AMC Saga

    Most people look at this industry from either the appraiser or the mortgage broker’s point-of-view. Not many stop to the think about the fine line Customer Relations within the AMC’s might have to walk. Many days it’s like scaling a mountain thousands of feet in the air on a magical journey with only a phone and a keyboard in tow. How, you may ask? Well, let me take you on this wonderful journey some have come to call “The AMC Saga.”

    From the beautiful start of the order process, to the close of all revisions and the order reconciled, Customer Relations embarks on a wild journey. We travel all over the country via phone and computer. No two orders are ever the same. Some orders guide us through suburbia among cookie-cutter legal homes in residentially zoned neighborhoods. Some orders take us on a gallop through the Wild Western terrain, through ranches and abandoned buildings. We may travel to the West and find odd zoning restrictions or a Bed and Breakfast in the mountains. The East brings us the New England rush, and in the South, we explore the mountains and farms. Sounds magical, right? For some, sure…but for Customer Relations, well, that is where our journey becomes a bumpy ride.

    You see, we don’t know of these situations until it’s brought to our attention. In most cases it’s after the appraiser has been to the property and the client is looking for a report to be delivered. This is where our fine line comes into play. In order for the best product to be delivered, these “bumps in the road” often come across my desk. It is my job to figure out the best solution: , one that is efficient for all parties involved. Let the phone calls and investigations begin!

    Many times, situations like these require research. It’s like digging for treasure in a pitch-black cave without a map and a flashlight. Never fear, though. There is always a way to find the answer to the problem. For Customer Relations, the answer is being swift at identifying the problem, communicating it to our client, and working with the appraiser to gain the most helpful information. Sounds easy, right? Not always.

    Sometimes, while the process is on hold, a borrower travels across the Atlantic to discover Europe. Other times, attorneys have high-profile cases so they can’t answer the phone or an appraiser is off to sea in the Pacific. Most of the time the issues are not so extravagant, such as not having clear title or being zoned commercial. In those moments, you as the client might be having a panic attack while the appraiser might be taking some aspirin and lying down to get rid of that migraine that just came on. Be patient with Customer Relations and remember it’s not their fault the appraiser was sent on the mission (in the mountains) found a home with 10 bedrooms, 8.5 bathrooms, and 9 kitchens.

    Our job is to ensure those “bumps” along the journey are well managed, and despite the outcome, both parties walk away with a smile. We would like you to say, “WOW, that was crazy, but I’m so glad CLASS was on the journey with us! They made exploring this property a magical experience.”

    Stay tuned for the next magical journey.

     Anya Prest – Key Account Executive

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