The Piece That Holds It All Together

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  • The Piece That Holds It All Together

    The first thing I think of when I hear the word “vendor” is a busy, crowded marketplace with various colorful tents selling fruit, jewelry, clothing, and other various goods. The vendors are yelling out their goods, “Fresh fish!” There is bartering of prices and items being sold. Well, my job as a Vendor Manager is similar to that. The appraisers are the vendors, and I purchase from them. I build and maintain the relationships with our appraisers that will provide the best services to our clients for their borrowers. The appraisers sign up, go through our review process, and I manage their monthly scorecards, making sure they are meeting our standards to be on our panel.

    My position gives me the opportunity to be a leader. The definition of a leader can vary from person to person. A successful leader excels in personal and interpersonal relationships. In my opinion, the best experiences in life stem from a relationship, perhaps a best friend, marriage, a child, or a mentor.  In my experience as a Vendor Manager, I have learned that it takes listening and learning how to adjust to others’ communication levels. The relationships I am building with our vendors are the most challenging and rewarding part of the experience. It is what moves the company forward, just like in any relationship personal or otherwise.

    As you’ve read in the past Class Appraisal news releases, we’ve been going through some changes (for example, the new logo, website, and restructuring of the management team). It sounds overwhelming, but we are continuing to grow. Class Appraisal will be transitioning to the Appraisal Scope platform. We feel this will benefit both the clients and vendors. If you need any assistance with this transition, our Vendor Relations team is here for you.

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    Chris McAllister – Vendor Manager

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