48 Hour Appraisals
Are Here!

Loan Originators Can Win With Radical Speed!

Class Valuation has an exciting new program that delivers 48-hour appraisals. We aim to cut turn times for 70% to 80% of purchase loans to help loan originators win in a competitive market. To accomplish this, we require orders to be submitted as 1004/70 Desktop appraisals instead of traditional appraisals.

Many purchase loans for Freddie Mac® and Fannie Mae®; should qualify for a desktop appraisal as it is now policy and only requires LTV ratios of less than or equal to 90%. However, you must verify eligibility through LPA℠ and DU®. With 48-hour appraisals, borrowers and agents get the confidence they need and an exceptional experience.


For 1004/70 Desktop appraisals, Property Fingerprint technology not only improves speed, but improves quality in an effort to remove considerable friction! Underwriter revision rates reduced by 85% and reconsideration of value requests reduced by 65% – this is significant and inspires confidence with your partners and borrowers. This will also help brokers get over the finish line faster with less hassle and stay ahead of the competition.

The Benefits

  • Gives borrowers and agents confidence and eases anxiety to create a positive experience.
  • Satisfied customers and real estate agents lead to more referral business.
  • Class’s desktop solution, Property Fingerprint, does autonomous 3D scanning and provides unprecedented accuracy and speed.
  • Provides virtual digital twins of the property to appraisers, so they have a complete view of the property.
  • Mitigates bias through a bifurcated inspection and appraisal process.
  • Lower revision rates (down 85%) and reconsideration of value requests (down 65%).

Desktop Eligible Transactions

  • One-unit property with ADU and PUD units
  • Principle residence Purchase transaction (including new construction)
  • LTV ratio less than or equal to 90%.
  • Loan Product Advisor® or Desktop Underwriter (DU) receives eligible recommendations.
You must ensure loans meet eligibility by checking Fannie Mae® DU® and Freddie Mac® LPA℠. Please note that 48-hour turn times are subject to access to the property within 24 hours from order receipt and the absence of adverse property and market conditions.


Fannie Mae® and Freddie Mac® introduced Desktop Appraisals as policy for certain purchase transactions in March 2022. There was some initial friction with these products as multiple providers tried to implement solutions quickly without true understanding of the product requirements, leaving their lender partners with a poor experience. Class Valuation — however — has been completing these with extreme success, providing our partners with a premium experience. We are now going nationwide with a 48-hour purchase appraisal program for loans eligible for the Uniform Residential Appraisal Report (1004/70 Desktop)!

Give your borrowers the experience they deserve with Class Valuation!
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