Reconsideration of Value

Be confident in your appraisal value.

If you have concerns about your appraisal report, you can trust us to guide and support you through the Reconsideration of Value (ROV) process. Our goal is to help you arrive at a fair, accurate value. Before submitting, make sure you read through our ROV support resources to give you the best chance of improving your value.

How to submit a ROV request

The lender (DE Underwriter for all FHA appraisals) must fully complete the online form below and upload the document within the order. You may also choose to download this fillable ROV Form PDF and upload the completed form to the order online.

What to expect

You can expect a response within one (1) to four (4) business days of submitting your appeal. Requests received after 3:00 pm EST will be processed the following business day. Once your request is completed and reviewed, you will be contacted by Class Valuation with the appraiser’s response. Only 1 (one) ROV is permitted. If you have any questions, please contact Class Valuation as soon as possible.

Important ROV guidelines

Increase your chances of a positive outcome by reading and following these items and instructions.

  • Class Valuation will consider the ROV when there are factual errors, errors in the appraisal, or relevant sales were or were not excluded.
  • Please provide evidence to support that the appraiser’s conclusions, adjustments, and/or data are incorrect.
  • Class Valuation will examine the entire ROV request. Do not submit a prior appraisal or AVM completed on the Subject property for the appraiser to comment on or compare data; it will be rejected as it would be an AIR violation to provide desired or anticipated value/value range to the appraiser. Instead, you can list the comps used or data from that appraisal if you feel they are relevant.
  • In order to comply with AIR, the language in the ROV cannot lead the appraiser to a value conclusion; do not ask for a specific value to support a purchase price or a loan amount. The appeal should focus on facts rather than someone’s opinion.
  • If the ROV does not include appropriate support or is not in compliance with the AIR within the Interagency Guidelines, it will be returned to you for revisions.
  • This is a request of the appraiser (not Class Valuation) to make factual corrections, reconsider alternate sales, and/or to provide additional support for their conclusions. The appraiser has complete independence from all parties involved. When the appraiser responds to the reconsideration, Class Valuation will audit the report to make sure everything is in compliance with industry standards.