The Best Collateral Valuation Tools in One Solution

With the iCollateral Series from Class Valuation, you can define the rules for automated valuation that fit your requirements with cascade management.

Choose from any of our five alternative valuation products: AVM, AVM+PCR, Evaluation, Quantitative Analysis or Broker Price Opinion.

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iAVM is our Automated Valuation Model that leverages precision modeling technologies with the industry's highest-quality property information databases to determine a property's true value. iAVM is a highly reliable industrial-grade solution supported by full documentation and testing as required by regulators. You will benefit from a robust system resulting in fast, compliant, and accurate valuations.
Automated Value with a Property Condition Report .

iCAP takes our tried and true AVM and couples it with our trusted network of property inspectors to deliver quick and thorough insight into your property. When you need to ensure the condition and characteristics of your property alongside the AVM, the iCAP product is for you. You can also access our network of real estate professionals to perform a BPO with our advanced iBPO.

How the iCollateral Series Works

Use our industry-leading automation to get your valuation done quickly and accurately.

Reliability at its Finest.
The iEval gives you a detailed picture of your property with client-specific rules to determine the reliability of the AVM results. By identifying external factors that can impact the valuation model, the iEval alleviates risk. Based on the evaluation results, we will determine the best course to provide you with the results you need.
The iQuant is a limited-scope appraisal report. A comprehensive Desktop Appraisal is performed by an appraiser that knows the subject's market area utilizing an interior or exterior property inspection report. Results are communicated in an abbreviated format based on your needs. Fast, reliable, and affordable.

The Industry's Leading Valuation Suite at the Best Price!

We aim to create a win-win and offer the best service and pricing in the industry.

- The industry's most comprehensive valuation and collateral risk management engine.

Clients can customize their own rules. Your Rules + iCollateral Engine = Optimum Results.

- Backed by Class's stature and over a decade of experience in the industry.

- Leverage leading-edge technology and validate data to ensure highly accurate results.

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