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Class Act Panel

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The Class Act Panel is for appraisers who redefine speed and accuracy in the appraisal process. Our Class Act appraisers deliver high responsiveness, low revision rates, and consistent performance. In return, they get access to:

Innovation Panel

Pilot technologies that make your job easier.

Our Innovation Panel consists of 400+ appraisers who work directly with our Innovation team to pilot and pioneer leading technologies in the industry – tools that help appraisers mitigate risk, gain flexibility, save time, and power their businesses. Join and get:

Resources to help you succeed

How we’re bringing value to appraisers through true innovation

Streamlined property data collection. Built-in assumptions and forms for your reporting. And every detail of the property at your fingertips. See how we’re helping you deliver consistently accurate appraisals, boost your volume, and grow your business.
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Take a look at how the INvision Capture® mobile app and GSE-approved 3D scanning technology enables to-the-centimeter scans and floorplans of any property so you can be certain in your valuation.

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Explore how the comprehensive rules and workflow of Class INtelligence delivers let you trust the quality of your report and avoid time-consuming revisions.
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Nicholas B., OH
Daniel F., MI
William W., TX
Randy G., CA

Nicholas B., OH

You guys are one of my favorites to work for and glad we are back in the loop together. No matter the time of day, you guys are there and usually have a great and quick response that makes my life so much easier!! You guys understand where appraisers are coming from and that’s very unusual these days! Keep up the great work!

Daniel F., MI

I get a lot of work from Class Valuation. Communication is timely and productive. I was accepted on the panel a few years ago and Class has remained my most steady and loyal client. The workflow is reliable and that loyalty to me as a vendor has been the salient factor for me in our continuing business relationship.

William W., TX

Great partnership! Plenty of orders, turn time expectations are reasonable and communication is quick and professional with a sense of equal appreciation of our working partnership.

Randy G., CA

You guys are professional and truly care about your appraisers, which is not the case with a lot of the other AMCs I work with. Thanks!

Real support, from real people

Your job is important to homeowners, lenders, and the larger housing market. That’s why our Appraiser Relations Team is here to back you up with the personalized support and resources you need to thrive.

Laura Yingling

Appraiser Relations Manager

Matt Bedell

Director of Vendor Management

Liz Brown

Appraiser Relations Specialist

Whitney Bowers

Appraiser Relations Specialist

Meagan Lawson

Appraiser Relations Specialist

Jennifer Murdock

Appraiser Relations Specialist

Sintia Salvador

Appraiser Relations Specialist

Are you ready to experience intentional relationships, smart tools, and helpful resources with an AMC partner who understands your value in the industry? Complete the form to start the process of joining our panel of appraisers.

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