Elevate the quality, accuracy, and speed of your appraisal process with tech-enabled solutions and rich data.


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Quicker appraisals.
More confidence.

Fewer revisions with AI-enabled
quality assurance

The comprehensive rules and automated workflow of the Class INtelligence engine enables the right information and dynamically ensures fields are completed.

Easier data extraction for faster,
detailed reports

Property data at your fingertips. That’s what appraisers can expect with the easy INvision Desktop dashboard that makes compiling precise reports simpler.

To-the-centimeter 3D property data capture

The INvision Capture® mobile app pairs with 3D imaging technology to enable the most accurate picture of the property measured to ANSI standard.

Transparency and accuracy you can see

With a Property Fingerprint, you get all of the data and details of a property, all in one place.

Process steps

Our proven digital appraisal process

  • 1

    Order appraisal

    The lender places the order through Class Valuation, or Appraisal Scope.

  • 2

    Capture property

    The property data collector uses the INvision Capture® mobile app to capture the property, inside and out.

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  • 3

    Extract data

    The appraiser uses easy drag & drop features on INvision Desktop to harness property inspection data & completes appraisal report.

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  • 4

    Ensure quality

    The appraisal report goes through Class INtelligence, our AI-enabled quality assurance engine, to proactively identify any necessary revisions.

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  • 5

    Know your value

    The lender receives a Property Fingerprint: fully transparent, unbiased data for a complete & accurate view of the property at the time of inspection.

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Smart software & tools for
digital & desktop appraisals

INvision Capture®

Property inspection & 3D imaging

Visually capturing the details of a property has never been easier than with INvision Capture®. This easy-to-use mobile app pairs with imaging technology that makes it possible for property data collectors to collect property imaging down to the smallest details – both inside and out.

Immersive virtual tours

Get full, true-to-life perspective through interactive tours of the entire property. Zoom in for a closer look at the details, or zoom out for the bigger picture.

To-the-centimeter floor plans

Expect the most precise measurements for the most precise valuations.

Advanced 3D models

Leverage advanced digital replicas of the property to speed transactions while ensuring accuracy.

INvision Desktop

Seamless appraisal report generation

Drag-and-drop data extraction makes it easy for appraiser to harness important property data and input it into accurate appraisal reports. All integrating with appraisal software tools they already use.

One dashboard for all appraisals

Appraisers can see and manage all their appraisals in a single dashboard. It’s the easy-to-use appraisal reporting solution they won’t outgrow.

Built-in assumptions

Intuitive desktop forms with built-in assumptions let appraisers get more done without worrying about liability.

Seamless integration

Conveniently compatible with leading appraisal software solutions (including a la mode Titan), INvision Desktop helps appraisers generate credible reports through tools they know.

Class INtelligence

AI-enabled quality assurance

The driving force behind dependable appraisals. Our custom-built Class INtelligence engine leverages advanced algorithms, bots, and AI to catch possible issues – helping ensure quality and save time.

200+ rules in real time

Take lengthy spreadsheets out of your QC equation. Class INtelligence lets you trust the quality of your valuation by running the report against hundreds of rules, strikingly fast.

Faster turnaround times

Reduce revisions and cut days out of the appraisal cycle with an intelligent tool. Class INtelligence proactively flags issues so our Class QC team can make sure they’re resolved right away.


Trust the validity of your appraisal knowing that Class INtelligence applies the comprehensive rules and workflow that are consistent with GSE standards.

Property Fingerprint

Fully transparent property data

With a Property Fingerprint from Class Valuation, you have all of your property data on hand. It’s the information you need to power credible loans, and the innovation it takes to do it faster.

Data & details from every angle

Revisit the property at any time post-inspection to answer questions and limit systematic risk. Access detailed photos, interactive virtual tours, precise floor plans, and 3D models.

Geolocation timestamps

Get total confirmation and credibility by seeing exactly when and where a property inspection was performed.

Clear, consistent data

Leveraging unbiased data collected from INvision Capture® and 3D imaging technology, your Property Fingerprint gives you the complete transparency you need to trust the appraisal.

Thoughtfully investing in appraisers

The right appraiser can make all the difference in the efficiency and outcome of your lending process. That’s why we build intentional relationships with leading appraisers across the nation. We incentivize, equip, and empower our appraisers to do their best – for their future and the long-term success of our clients.


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