Four Problems AMCs Need to Solve

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  • Four Problems AMCs Need to Solve

    I believe that being a leader involves solving problems by making things better, and I was never satisfied with just running a business that operated firmly within the status quo. We didn’t run Mortgage Cadence that way, and it’s not how we led our teams at Accenture. So when I participated in the acquisition of Class Appraisal, now Class Valuation, I came into it with the same mindset.

    Naturally, that begs the question: “what problems should an appraisal management company be solving now?” What should we be doing better for our lender customers and the mortgage ecosystems we both serve? I have some thoughts on that. Read More

    About the Author:

    This is the first column in a monthly series covering Class Valuation’s business strategy from the viewpoint of Michael Detwiler, Chief Executive Officer.

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