[WEBINAR] Decoding The Modern Appraisal | Hosted by HousingWire

January 10, 2024

At this point, the phrase “appraisal modernization” is nothing new. But despite the topic’s popularity, there are questions left unanswered. That’s what this webinar is for. Consider this your appraisal modernization 101, your masterclass, your go-to guide. We’ve gathered an expert panel for the sole purpose of getting your questions answered.

🎙Scot Rose, Chief Innovation Officer, Class Valuation
🎙 Rachel Robinson, Director of Collateral Policy and Product Development, Rocket Mortgage
🎙 Julie Giesbrecht, Senior Policy Analyst, Federal Housing Finance Agency (FHFA)
🎙 Moderator: Sarah Wheeler, Editor in Chief, HousingWire

🎥 Recording from Dec. 18, 2023.

Video chapters:
00:00 – Intro
01:25 – What do we mean by appraisal modernization?
03:27 – What are the modern appraisal programs and solutions?
07:34 – How are lenders looking at these modern appraisal options and utilizing them?
10:22 – What does adoption of modern appraisal options look like?
15:50 – What results have we seen with appraisal modernization efforts?
21:00 – How do these modern appraisal options help battle appraisal bias?
28:37 – What’s ahead for appraisal modernization?
32:10 – What does the property data collection process look like?
41:18 – Audience questions
52:22 – Outro

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