Illinois Cancels Over 70 AMC Registrations

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  • Illinois Cancels Over 70 AMC Registrations

    I am sure you are aware of the recent news, coming out of Illinois, regarding the cancellation of AMC Registration’s for over 70 AMC’s. Class Appraisal wanted to take this opportunity to reach out and reassure that these issues have not affected Class Appraisal. Class Appraisal is in good standing and is one of the remaining active licensees in the State of Illinois.

    We put a great emphasis on compliance, as it is our #1 priority. Everything from retaining an in-house Attorney as our Chief Compliance Officer to proactively maintaining our registration process furthers this emphasis. Taking these compliance measures not only allows us to maintain uninterrupted business functions, such as the current situation in Illinois, but these measures are ultimately in place for the convenience and protection of you, our Client.

    For further information, I have included a link to the letter that was sent out to AMC’s on March 30th of 2015. This letter outlines the requirements that AMC’s must adhere to by May 1st of 2015, or risk cancellation of their AMC registration.

    Again, Class Appraisal is not one of the penalized AMC’s, and remains licensed and in good standing in the State of Illinois and Nationwide. We have the ability to conduct business in all 50 states and look forward to assisting you in an efficient and compliant manner.

    If you have any questions and/or concerns, please feel free to reach out to me using the contact information below.

    Best regards,

    John P. Hamameh, Esq.
    Office: (866) 333-8311 Ex.340


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