Meet Class Valuation’s New Broker Advocacy Team

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  • Meet Class Valuation’s New Broker Advocacy Team

    At Class Valuation we not only cherish our broker partners, we also advocate on their behalf. That’s why we’re ecstatic to announce our new Broker Advocacy Team that will be solely dedicated to broker success.

    From ensuring that brokers are aware of everything that Class Valuation offers, to troubleshooting, to providing broker resources, our Broker Advocacy team is here to help you.

    We highly encourage our broker partners to reach out to them with any questions or concerns. They are your resource for all things appraisal and beyond.

    Meet Michael Wojcik-Holmes, the Director of Broker Advocacy, and the rest of the talented team below:

    Michael Wojcik-Holmes is Class Valuation's Director of Broker Advocacy. A native of Hamtramck, MI, Michael has been working with Class for over 5 years. He loves the ability to form genuine relationships with our broker partners that transcend the transactional. By forming personal relationships, Michael strongly believes that he is able to build long-lasting bonds that powers success for everyone involved. Fun fact: Michael has over 95 tattoos and loves home decorating in his free time.
    Ryan Jordan, a Broker Advocacy Manager at Class, is a great addition to the team. She’s been working at Class for over four years and has risen to the occasion of many challenges throughout her career. She enjoys providing meaningful assistance to our broker partners and going the extra mile to give them the tools that they need. Born and raised in Oak Park, Michigan, Ryan enjoys traveling and crafts in her spare time. Her guilty pleasure? Boy bands!
    Eesara Islam, Broker Advocacy Manager, was born and raised in Dhaka, Bangladesh but spent most of her adulthood in Sydney, Australia. She’s been working for Class for little under a year and loves the challenge that it brings her. She works hard for client satisfaction and is proud to do everything in her control to make clients happy. Eesara loves to travel and apart from Africa she’s been to at least one country in every continent. Her goal is to see as much of the world as possible.
    LaDaryl Winters is a Broker Advocacy Manager at Class Valuation. He loves learning something new every day and applying that knowledge towards helping our broker partners. LaDaryl grew up in Detroit, Michigan and also works as a Head Football Coach. Besides being a resource to the mortgage broker community, LaDaryl also has a passion for mentoring his student athletes.



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