More Than Just Cogs In A Machine

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  • More Than Just Cogs In A Machine

    Most people don’t sit and think about what makes a company actually run smoothly. We all probably have different ideas of how this happens. Here is a typical business model: 1) employees 2) purpose or demand for your product 3) processes to fulfill that purpose 4) resources 5) customers and clients. It is true; you need all of that to have a business that will succeed. Those factors alone, however, will not make a company truly successful for all parties involved.

    As any employee, we all know we are cogs that are expected to help keep the well-oiled machine ticking. At Class Appraisal, no matter where you are in the chain of command, teamwork has to be the main ingredient in the “oil” of the machine. Teamwork is the combined and coordinated effort of a group of people acting together toward a common goal, outcome or cause. It’s scary how only one unwilling person can throw off the effort of twenty, deteriorating the common goal of customer satisfaction.

    Another important ingredient added to the oil is high morale. Sometimes work gets hard, and you need a cheerleader to keep you going, someone to push you harder and make you stronger, smarter, and more efficient. Maybe you need that one laugh during your day to break through the seriousness of what you are doing. We have an office manager who does her best to maintain a healthy level of morale within the company every day. In addition to the office manager, every team should have a great leader, who not only includes himself in the hardships the teams go through, but who is also able to boost morale for the entire team while doing it. It’s amazing how far one genuine smile or kind action can go, and it will be felt by your co-workers and clients.

    No matter how big or small the cogs are, the employees are all important in keeping the machine running. It’s important for every office department to not only know that, but feel it as well. Every department is the backbone of the company. Everyone has a job to do, and it all boils down to working together to create the ultimate customer experience.

    With all of the changes that we have experienced here at Class Appraisal in the last few months, it could have been expected that we would falter a little. We did not! Instead, we took this very trying time to let our teamwork overcome the difficult challenges we were facing with the platform change to Appraisal Scope. All the departments were amazing at lending their helping hands. A big “THANK YOU” goes out to all who work with us. You all helped make this platform change a major success. Thank you so much for your patience and willingness to adapt with us.

    We appreciate you! Perfect teamwork!

    -The Class Appraisal Team

  • Bob Kelly says:
    March 7, 2014 at 12:25 pm

    Great article, surpassing any instinct I previously had lodged into my inner intuition. Keep up the good work Class Appraisal. Godspeed.

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