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  • Road Conditions

    For many of us living in the northern two thirds of the country, we have had one of the coldest, snowiest, and nastiest winters on record. Terms like wind-chill factor, polar vortex alert, and emergency patching crews have become an all too familiar phrase during the past few weeks. In addition to bundling up like the Michelin Man, we have had to dodge obstacles on our commute, ranging from small ice chunks to vehicle swallowing craters.

    If a freshly paved road is analogous to the perfect, smoothest appraisal, then the various obstacles we are encountering on our icy, crumbling, roads can also be comparable to the issues our “challenging orders” provide us.

    The “chuckhole” is where you are proceeding down the road nice and smooth and out of nowhere… CHUNK…your tire falls downward into a gaping hole. Just as a good grip on the wheel and an alert mind can keep you safe, a solid foundation of information and communication on an appraisal order can keep the order on course and quickly resume its path to completion.

    The “minefield” is where the road looks like it is more patch than pavement, and the best course of action is caution and patience. There are those appraisal orders where everyone knows they will be difficult from the start. Prudence and patience are also the best attributes for successful completion of the order.

    Finally, there is the scariest condition of all, “Black Ice.” It strikes when you least expect it, and in many cases you hope your previous preparation and caution are enough to get you through the patch safely and unharmed. There are those orders where everything seems to be running along in prime optimal conditions when out of nowhere, the order is moving sideways and headed for failure. With proper planning, information, and communication, we strive to make this condition’s duration as short as possible. Submitting an appraisal order with full and correct contact information, clearly-noted special instructions to the appraiser, and providing necessary documentation for the appraiser, are just a few of many items to help prepare for a situation we all hope doesn’t occur, but recognize that sometimes it can happen.

    Warmer weather is approaching soon, and I am looking forward to shorts, polo shirts and driving with the windows down. Road destruction will be replaced by road construction, and the cycle will begin again next winter. I wish everyone here the smoothest ride along the appraisal order highway.

    Bill Adlhoch – Key Account Executive

  • Edward Murphy says:
    March 19, 2014 at 1:10 pm

    The Weather on the West coast in the greater Seattle Area has been
    Very mild .
    I talked to the Owner of Coldwell Banker/Danforth 4-5 offices
    Had the busiest Week in 20 years with 92 purchase sales agreements turned in last week.
    WE have a shortage of inventory that makes more difficult to appraise properties in a bidding war.

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