10 Appraisal Management Company Reviews Everyone Should Read

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  • 10 Appraisal Management Company Reviews Everyone Should Read

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    Appraisal management company reviews are surprisingly hard to come by. A quick search on Google brings up appraiser blogs, appraisal forums and appraisal management company employee reviews. But there’s no company or website dedicated to customer reviews of AMCs.

    While we can’t provide you with customer reviews from other companies, we can let you know what our customers and partners have said about working with us. Check out ten helpful reviews of Class Valuation below.

    Important Appraisal Management Company Reviews for Loan Originators

    1. Class Valuation’s turn times are unbelievable. When A1 Mortgage orders appraisals through Class, they usually have it scheduled and back to us on an average of four business days. Out of all the other appraisal management companies, Class by far has the fastest turn times and best service.” – Charles W., A1 Mortgage
    2. “The appraisal ordering process is quick and efficient. The appraisals we receive are top quality and are completed quicker than any other appraisal management company we have dealt with! I want to thank the staff and appraisers at Class Valuation! The appraisal process from start to finish is easy and the quality appraisals are always completed quickly!” – Lisa F., Sistar Mortgage Company
    3. “I wanted to write to tell you how easy and enjoyable it has been to work with Class Valuation and its employees. I say ‘enjoyable’ for the mere fact that I had worked with national companies and there has been no continuity from order to order. These other companies make you feel that you are just a paycheck to them. Thank you for giving me peace of mind, to a degree, in these changing times. I will also praise your company’s policy on finding an appraiser that knows the area and that is at least within a certain mileage of the property with an understanding of sales in the area and just doesn’t pull from the MLS [Multiple Listing Service] and call it a day. Truly, thank you!” – Kevin P., 123 Mortgage
    4. “My company and I use Class Valuation on a regular basis for one of our top lenders. No one likes the new HVCC appraisal process, but with Class Valuation it is a lot easier to deal with. They are very fast and easy to work with. On the very rare occasion that there is dispute with the appraisal, they take every measure to correct it in a very timely fashion. Many HVCC companies are very slow and hold up your closing for weeks, making you have to extend your locks and lose money. I have honestly never had to do that with Class. I am very pleased with their services and will continue to use them. I would recommend them to anyone!” – Mary B., First Union Banc
    5. “Working with the support staff at Class Valuation has been such a pleasure. Having the option to call them and have a friendly voice greeting you on the other line makes the world of difference. The customer service and turn times is what puts Class above the rest of the appraisal management companies. Thank you for all your continuous help over the years.” – Stephanie H., Shore Mortgage
    6. “….you stood by me with this appraisal and went beyond the call of duty. I am thankful to have had good people working alongside me during the difficult situation with the appraisal revisions. Not only were you pleasant but your professionals were suburb. You were my first choice back when I first ordered an appraisal for my very first client, and you are still my number one choice. Thanks again to you and everyone who worked on this appraisal.” – Corinthian A., Broker for Endeavor America
    7. “Your continued professionalism says a lot about Class Valuation — appropriately named. It is first class. I appreciate that I have direct access to the group that places the orders and I know that you all push to get the appraisal back in a timely manner. On several occasions when I would call in inquiring about a status of an appraisal, I was placed on hold and your workers would try to contact the appraiser and get me an answer right then and there. Thanks so much for caring; it means so much in this industry right now. I will continue to use you because you conduct business so well.” – Carrie J., Approved Mortgage Corp.
    8. Class Valuation and the organization seems to be running at “peak efficiency.” … I vividly recall my days as Chief Appraiser at Finiti (a Citigroup company) and remember the pressures associated with the AMC business; keep on doing what you are doing as it is obviously working very well!” – Dennis O’D., Appraiser
    9. “Being that we are in a service business, turnaround time and communication are two of the most important components to what we do at Capital Mortgage Funding. Class Valuation consistently responds to our needs and, most importantly, the needs of our clients.” – Harry G., Capital Mortgage Funding
    10. “Working with Class Valuation has been a great experience. We have been very pleased with the accuracy and timely manner in which our appraisal orders have been completed. Whenever you have a problem or question, Customer Service is always right there to handle whatever you may need. Thanks Class Valuation for all your hard work!” – Ellen Y., Preferred Mortgage

    BONUS: “You rock! Thank you so much for all your help! You and your team are always all over it. I love working with you.” – Michelle W., Account Executive for Endeavor America

    For more reviews, check out our Testimonials page. At Class Valuation, we pride ourselves on providing best-in-class turn times, outstanding quality service and business transformation for our partners and customers. Want to learn more? Give us a call at (866) 333-8311 or send an email to info@classvaluation.com to speak with a member of our team.

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