Property Data Collection

Get comprehensive, multi-dimensional property imaging to guide and support the most accurate appraisals – at the speed the industry demands.


Taking quality to a new dimension

Property measurements down to the centimeter

3D capture technology pairs with the INvision Capture® mobile app to create a comprehensive guide through every part of the property – with a legend showing capture positions and directions both inside and out.

Accuracy at speed

Using 3D capture to support a bifurcated process saves everyone valuable time. Appraisers, apprentices, and third parties can easily capture multiple properties in a single day, then electronically send complete property data right away. No notepads or extra typing required.

Consistency at every corner

With imaging tech that captures highly detailed property measurements the same way, every time, you never have to doubt the objectivity and transparency of your data.

Cut back on the back and forth

Clear, granular 3D property capture means fewer questions, fewer doubts, and fewer revisions. Revisit the property virtually any time – for the clarity you need to close sooner.

Process steps

Capture every detail. Here’s how it’s done.

  • 1

    Step 1

    The Property Data Collector (whether an appraiser, apprentice, or third party) downloads the INvision Capture® mobile app to their phone or mobile device.

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  • 2

    Step 2

    The Property Data Collector uses INvision Capture® to control a camera on a tripod – collecting imaging of the interior and exterior of the property that are automatically collected within the app.

  • 3

    Step 3

    The Property Data Collector submits the comprehensive data set with one click – providing the detail the appraiser needs to complete an accurate appraisal report.

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Smart software for
3D property capture

INvision Capture

Property inspection & 3D capture

Visually capturing the details of a property has never been easier than with INvision Capture®. This easy-to-use mobile app pairs with imaging technology that makes it possible for property data collectors to capture property imaging down to the smallest details – both inside and out.

Immersive virtual tours

Get full, true-to-life perspective through interactive tours of the entire property. Zoom in for a closer look at the details, or zoom out for the bigger picture.

To-the-centimeter floor plans

Expect the most precise measurements for the most precise valuations.

Advanced 3D models

Leverage advanced digital replicas of the property to speed transactions while ensuring accuracy.

Why become a Property Data Collector?

Appraiser apprentices

Get beneficial hands-on experience in the appraisal industry, and earn hours toward your license.

Third parties

Earn extra money, get your foot in the door of the mortgage industry, and even offer your imaging services to realtors as a value add.


Discover a way to earn side money that’s synergistic with your current job, plus deliver detailed property captures as an upsell to real estate sales.

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