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  • More Than Just Cogs In A Machine

    Most people don’t sit and think about what makes a company actually run smoothly. We all probably have different ideas of how this happens. Here is a typical business model: 1) employees 2) purpose or demand for your product 3) processes to fulfill that purpose 4) resources 5) customers and clients. It is true; you […]

  • Behind The Scenes

    Every company needs a behind the scenes crew, people who keep the company functioning from the inside. It’s like going to the theater. You have the performers and the crew members. The crew members are the ones dressed in black, running around during intermissions, changing the scenery, and making sure everything is ready to go […]

  • How May I Help You?

    We live in a world where customer service is at the heart of everything we do. Whatever profession you may be in, you need customers in order to be successful. With that being said, it is crucial to understand the difference between customers and satisfied customers. This understanding will set you apart from your competition. […]

  • The Piece That Holds It All Together

    The first thing I think of when I hear the word “vendor” is a busy, crowded marketplace with various colorful tents selling fruit, jewelry, clothing, and other various goods. The vendors are yelling out their goods, “Fresh fish!” There is bartering of prices and items being sold. Well, my job as a Vendor Manager is […]

  • Rebooting the Human Machine

    Technology! I think back to when I was a child and I remember watching shows like Star Trek, Ironman, and Inspector Gadget, with amazement. Tiny communicators, advanced laser technology, super-computers, auto-sliding doors; all of it was so cool. Where I grew up, phones stayed in the kitchen, bound forever by the standard coiled up phone […]

  • Every File. Every Day. All The Way.

    Every File.  Every Day.  All The Way. When it comes to Class Appraisal’s assigning process , the customer service tracking of an order to completion, and Key Accounts servicing of orders that are veering off line, I have a unique perspective to these processes as I am engaged in all 3 activities. I came up […]

  • Marketing-The New Way

    Marketing.  It is everywhere, every day.  We see it.  We hear it.  We smell it.  We taste it.  We touch it.  All of this happens on a daily basis.  Sometimes this is consciously and sometimes it is unconsciously.  “Try this.” “Doesn’t that smell good?” “Did you hear the new record by [insert latest trending band]?” […]