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  • Rebooting the Human Machine

    Technology! I think back to when I was a child and I remember watching shows like Star Trek, Ironman, and Inspector Gadget, with amazement. Tiny communicators, advanced laser technology, super-computers, auto-sliding doors; all of it was so cool. Where I grew up, phones stayed in the kitchen, bound forever by the standard coiled up phone […]

  • Every File. Every Day. All The Way.

    Every File.  Every Day.  All The Way. When it comes to Class Appraisal’s assigning process , the customer service tracking of an order to completion, and Key Accounts servicing of orders that are veering off line, I have a unique perspective to these processes as I am engaged in all 3 activities. I came up […]

  • Marketing-The New Way

    Marketing.  It is everywhere, every day.  We see it.  We hear it.  We smell it.  We taste it.  We touch it.  All of this happens on a daily basis.  Sometimes this is consciously and sometimes it is unconsciously.  “Try this.” “Doesn’t that smell good?” “Did you hear the new record by [insert latest trending band]?” […]