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Appraiser Today!

Join our leading group of Staff Appraisers and help take the industry forward.

The appraisal industry is evolving and Class Valuation is helping lead the charge. Here is an opportunity to join a team dedicated to modernizing the industry by bringing together the best people, processes, and technology to strengthen appraiser independence. 

When you are part of our team, you have the support of our operational teams. You no longer have to shop for benefits or track down order payments. We provide you with the resources you need to do your job. You get to concentrate on doing what it is you do best — providing high quality appraisals!


Why be a staff appraiser rather than an independent? Class Valuation is a premier national appraisal management company serving the nation’s top lenders and financial institutions offering the following benefits:

Reliable Volume

No need to pound the pavement looking for volume. Class will provide the volume to you.

Reduced Administrative Tasks

No need to worry about payroll, bookkeeping or taxes. As a W2 staff appraiser, Class handles it all for you!


Full access and utilization our innovative technology throughout the appraisal process.

Amazing Benefits

As a staff appraiser, you are eligible for traditional benefits like health, dental and vision.


Eligibility for our 401K program with company match.

Paid to Relax

You will receive paid time off along with paid holidays.


You will receive paid time off to complete continuing education, along with an annual subscription to McKissock Learning.

Plus much more!

By joining us as a staff appraiser you will experience all the wonderful benefits noted, and so much more!


Sharonda Bell, located in Michigan, has been with Class Valuation since 2019. Team members describe her as devoted, flexible, and witty.

New Hires have commented that the interview process with Sharonda & team is “informative,” “personalized,” and “painless.”

Sharonda loves being one of the first friendly faces you’ll meet at Class Valuation!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the company's policy on taking outside work (without violating the "non-compete" clause)?

Staff appraisers are not permitted to accept work from third parties outside of Class Valuation -even during slower times. This can create a conflict of interest for the Company and potentially impact our relationships with our clients. However, Class Valuation Staff Appraisers are prioritized over all other panel (1099) appraisers and should never want for additional volume. Volume and supporting the Staff Appraiser’s volume needs are the primary focuses when deciding when and where to onboard a Staff Appraiser. The exception is VA panel and private litigation work.

If things don’t work out with Class, can I restart my business/revisit work with other AMCs/lenders?

Yes, for our staff appraiser team members the non-compete is only applicable while actively employed with Class Valuation.

If I accept an offer for Staff Appraiser, will I be considered a W-2 employee?

Yes, you will be a W-2 employee. You will be compensated bi-weekly in accordance with the payroll schedule that we provide with all offer letters.

How is my fee split calculated?

The fee split offered is based on the AVERAGE APPRAISER FEE in the market(s) covered. This differs from the CLIENT FEE. The difference in the two fees allows us to provide benefits, PTO, and operate.

DataMaster does not cover the MLS's needed for my markets. Would you be able to get them to add them? Or perhaps pay for another membership?

Class will not reimburse for third party applications, but we will coordinate with DataMaster to open up in your market. As a staff appraiser, you will participate with the development of DataMaster.

What is PTO? How much will I have?

PTO is Paid Time Off. You will receive PTO at the rate of $30/hour. During your first year, you will receive the following PTO allowances:

Vacation/Sick Days: 80 hours (10 days) *can be used in 4- or 8-hour increments
Company Paid Holidays: 56 hours (7 observed days)
Floating Holidays: 16 hours (2 days)
Continuing Education: 16 hours (2 days)

Will there be withholding state and federal taxes from my salary?

You will complete your W4 form online and select the amount of withholding (if any) you desire. You will be paid bi-weekly following the payroll calendar included with your offer letter. If you select withholdings, they will be deducted bi-weekly with your payroll.

As a staff appraiser, will I still be charged the technology fee?

No, your technology fees are waived for our staff appraisers.

Is there a set number of appraisals per month guaranteed?

We cannot offer or guarantee any amount of volume due to fluctuation in market conditions; however, becoming a Staff Appraiser with us ensures you are provided the orders in priority, our system order prioritization technology along with your Regional Manager, who will work with you each month to help ensure your volume is met.