Class Valuation COO, Stephanie Holdsworth, and SVP Cindi Harris named 2020 Women with Vision

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    Class Valuation COO, Stephanie Holdsworth, and SVP Cindi Harris named 2020 Women with Vision

    Women With Vision

    Congratulations to our Chief Operating Officer, Stephanie Holdsworth, and our Senior Vice President of Innovation & Specialty Teams, Cindi Harris! Both were named Women with Vision by Christine Beckwith and the team at #VisionYourSuccess. We’re so fortunate to have their brilliant minds on our team helping to make Class Valuation one of the top AMCs in the industry.

    Stephanie Holdsworth, COO, has been with Class for two years. She plays a key role in the day to day operations at Class and has helped us scale quickly and efficiently, including 72% growth from 2018-2019. Hiring, training, and developing a strong support staff the way Stephanie has is critical to scaling a service organization as quickly and efficiently as we have in recent years. Exceptional customer service and communication have been key pillars to Stephanie’s success throughout her nearly 20 years of industry experience. We’re so proud of her accomplishments and honored to have her leading our best-in-class operations team!

    Stephanie Holdsworth“It is a privilege to have the opportunity to be part of the Class Valuation team; 2020 has unleashed new opportunities for growth and innovation in the valuation industry at an unprecedented pace. We continue recognize the value that every team member brings to the client experience as we foster the relationships with our clients and appraiser partners while holding strong our commitment to ‘Making Dreams Come True.’ The challenges of this year remind us of the reliance we have on each other, renew our passion for people, challenge process, and embrace inclusion, diversity, and equity at new heights.”  – Stephanie Holdsworth

    Cindi Harris, SVP of Innovation and Specialty Teams, is also crucial to Class’s continued growth. We pride ourselves at our innovative approach to the appraisal and valuation industry, and this approach is only possible through Cindi’s leadership in the innovation space. With nearly 30 years of experience, Cindi’s performed thousands of appraisals, co-founded a national AMC, and held nearly every position in between. Her versatility and ambition have helped to re-engineer our approach to strengthening appraiser partnerships and introducing new initiatives to the industry.

    Cindi Harris

    “It is such a pleasure and honor to serve with the leaders at Class.  It is very humbling every day. This recognition further demonstrates the empowerment to drive positive change in valuation. It is amazing to have this opportunity in the valuation space which is still so predominantly male. At Class, I’m empowered to freely share a vision and purpose.  It feels great to be a valued team member driving towards a new tomorrow in our industry.” – Cindi Harris

    Of course, it’s all a team effort—but how good is a team without strong leaders? At Class Valuation, we owe a lot of our organizational success, and the success of our teams, to the strength and vision of Stephanie and Cindi. We cannot thank these two women enough for their contributions to our company, and the industry as a whole.

    Hats off to you both, and cheers to many more years of continued success!

    Read the full story in this month’s Women With Vision Magazine here.

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