#CVTeamTuesday featuring Sophia Sabol

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  • #CVTeamTuesday featuring Sophia Sabol

    At Class Valuation, we know what an integral role our team members play in our success. That’s why we’ve created #CVTeamTuesday to highlight our team members and recognize their journeys. 

    Sophia Sabol has been with Class Valuation since September 2017. As an Account Manager, Sophia interacts personally with our clients. 

    “I am confident in my knowledge of our company policies and the overall industry from all of my training, but I also grew in the ability to speak confidently.

    “If you asked me to describe my co-workers I’d say: excellent.” 

    Q&A with Sophia

    What is your favorite part about working for Class Valuation?

    The atmosphere. You always feel like you can ask anyone a question!

    What is your guilty pleasure?

    I am a huge nerd at heart! Video games, Game Of Thrones, Star Wars, Anime, and anything directed by Quentin Tarantino.

    What is something about you that would surprise people?

    My taste in music. People always act surprised to see my playlists. 

    What is your favorite restaurant in town?

    Juan Miguel’s! It’s on Hall Rd in Clinton Township. I recommend the house chicken quesadillas.

    What is one thing on your bucket list?

    To travel to Japan! I want to take the train up and down the country side and go city to city. My favorite hobby is photography and I see going to Japan as a trip of a lifetime!

    What is a quote you live by?

    “If you have never practiced critical thinking, then you simply see what you’re told to see.” – Yeonmi Park

    Join us on Tuesdays to hear from Class Valuation team members on their experiences helping our clients succeed! #CVTeamTuesday


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