December Appraiser of the Month: Ashlee Barber

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  • December Appraiser of the Month: Ashlee Barber

    About Ashlee
    Growing up in Arizona I have hiked Piestewa peak for most of my life and I have always been enchanted with the custom homes nestled into the mountains. At that time, I never would have guessed I would become an appraiser and be walking into homes, like those nestled into the mountains, as well as many other different styles of homes and comparing them to the market. I have been a licensed residential appraiser since April of 2018 and I currently am the proud owner of ACE Appraisal Services. I spent two years training under my fantastic trainer, Randall Lineberger, and had the opportunity to see and work through many challenging assignments which I believe has molded me into the hard-working appraiser I am now. Becoming an appraiser has been a rewarding experience allowing me to be a business owner and to feel what it feels like to be truly independent.

    What is your spirit animal?
    I have been on a journey to find inner peace and expand my healing abilities, so, two years ago I went to a three-day silent retreat here in Payson Arizona where you disconnect from all things and mediate, enjoy nature, and do not speak to a single person for three days. On day two in the evening I noticed my mental chatter had really subsided and I finally started to feel peace with in, as I was feeling this, I suddenly saw a wolf’s face appear so vividly in my mind’s eye, so vivid I opened my eyes because I thought a wolf was in front of me! I learned at the end of the retreat this was my spirit animal and since that weekend I have worked more with my spirit animal in my meditation practice as well as learning more about the wolf as he is viewed in the Native American culture. Embracing my spirit animal has really helped ground me in my day to day life as well as grow and reflect within myself.

    If you could have lunch with anyone, alive or dead, who would it be and why?
    I would have liked the opportunity to have met Michael Jackson. Michael Jackson’s voice, creativity, and showmanship captured my attention when I was young. Michael Jackson’s theatrics inspired a time in my life when I was in dance, and I still believe the confidence I built in embracing his showmanship has empowered me to this day! I would love to discuss what inspired his creativity and his thoughts on metaphysics as he has mentioned the song inside him is something grander than himself. Mostly, I would like to be in his presence as his passion for his music career is legendary and I find that inspiring.

    If you could have dinner with any celebrity, who would you choose any why?
    The celebrity I would like to have dinner with would be Robert Di Niro. I first fell in love with him when I saw “Casino” I was 9 and all I thought was I want to embody all the confidence and power that his character represented. From then I watched every movie he was in and my favorite thing about Di Nero is he says so much without saying much. I believe he has been a guiding light in my life and would share great stories about life and his career that would be beneficial and motivating.

    How would you market tennis balls if the game of tennis no longer existed?
    Prior to being a residential appraiser, I was a licensed massage therapist. If tennis no longer existed, I would market the tennis ball as a perfect self-massage tool as its semi-firm structure is perfect for helping with the release of tension or knots in hard to reach spots.                

    Where is your favorite spot in the world?
    My favorite spot that I have been to is Zion national park in Utah. There are many hikes in the park and my favorite is the Narrows. Hiking through the Narrows is magical, not only does the land feel sacred but the Narrows reminds you how small of a part you play in the massive world we live in and it is a humbling feeling. The walls of the Narrows canyon are grand and splashed with colors that are breath taking. Until I come across another gem this place is truly captivating!

    Who is your hero and why?
    My hero was my father. He had an energy about him that would light up a room and everyone would gravitate to him. He was a wonderful chef and put love into everything he made and everything he did. He was a teacher of not only the culinary arts but of life and of what having a passion looked like and how to nurture it. My father turned any negative situation into a positive and had a calmness to him that was admirable. He was and still is my hero because I live my life loving all that I do and teaching those around me that which I have learned with grace and love in my heart just as my father did and I am thankful for him instilling in me his wisdom and strength.

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