Class Valuation’s Molly Hoskins wins National Mortgage Professional 40 under 40 Award

National Mortgage Professional announced in its December magazine issue that Molly Hoskins, EVP of client experience at Class Valuation, has earned a 2023 40 under 40 award. 

National Mortgage Professional’s 40 under 40 award winners were selected based on their industry contributions and impact. Hoskins earned her place in this year’s group in part due to the wealth of appraisal knowledge she brings to her role as EVP of Client Experience at Class Valuation. She joined Class Valuation earlier this year as managing director of DataMaster Solutions, a Class Valuation company. By June 2023, she was promoted to her current role as EVP of Client Experience.

Below is a snippet of Hoskins’ award article.

“How do you prioritize innovation and creativity in your work, and what role do these factors play in your success?
I set aside time for creativity and strategy. I block it off and protect it in my calendar just as I do with meetings and projects. I use this time to read industry and market updates, connect with peers and mentors, brainstorm, mind map, and look out toward the next three to six months. I also let my mind wander as I’m doing menial tasks such as laundry or vacuuming. I let the ideas flow, and it feels efficient as I’m multitasking. I find that being creative is essential to my work.”