Class Valuation Announces Acquisition of Valuation Link


TROY, MICH – January 27, 2022 – Class Valuation announced today another key acquisition in Metro-West and subsidiary, Valuation Link. Metro-West is the largest independent residential appraisal firm in the nation, with staff appraisers located in over 80 major metro markets in the US. Metro-West’s partner company, Valuation Link, also touts nationwide coverage through management of a traditional 1099 appraiser panel.


“With a core vision of empowering and supporting the field appraiser, we knew this partnership was a match,” said Ben Schomer, Chief Strategy Officer of Metro-West & Co-Founder of Valuation Link. “Mutual respect and accountability toward our appraisers, team members, and clients alike, is what produces great performance.  That environment is what Class has built and what we are excited to contribute toward.”


“With this new partnership, we will not only be able to offer our clients more, but we can offer our appraisers more as well,” said Brandon Boudreau, COO of Metro-West & Co-Founder of Valuation Link. “I am incredibly proud of Valuation Link and Metro-West and all we’ve accomplished. Joining forces with Class Valuation is the perfect fit to take these accomplishments to the next level as we will continue to grow and strengthen our offerings together.”


Class Valuation has long been focused on measurable success and improvement in the AMC space. With more than 1.5 million appraisals completed, Class Valuation’s immense dataset has opened the doors for the development of some of the best automation and data science in the industry. Leveraging technology to expedite the entire workflow, from assigning all the way to quality control, Class is able to deliver faster, more credible results which benefit both clients and appraisers alike.


“One area of focus for us has been the growth of a staff appraiser network and building out a nation-wide trainee program,” said John Fraas, CEO of Class Valuation. “This program can improve the current capacity challenges facing the industry while also strengthening the appraiser workforce for the future. This new partnership with Metro-West and their vast network of staff appraisers will fit perfectly with this initiative.”


This is the fifth acquisition Class Valuation has made in the last 12 months, and the seventh of the last several years. Through these strategic acquisitions, Class has added strength in specific regions of focus around the country, built out a robust, national Staff Appraiser model, and gained superior market data analysis capabilities. Together, Class’s family of brands are working hard to reimagine the appraisal industry to deliver more accurate, transparent, timely appraisals to the mortgage community while simultaneously growing and protecting the future of the independent appraisal profession.


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About Class Valuation:

Class Valuation is a top nationwide Appraisal Management Company (AMC), delivering outstanding quality and service to every client. The company is committed to combining the best people, products, processes, and technology available to help lenders make more homeownership dreams come true. Class has consistently been ranked highly in client service by several of the nation’s top ten mortgage lenders and has been recognized as a top place to work, along with receiving many other industry awards. Founded in 2009, Class Valuation is headquartered in Troy, Michigan. For more information, please visit

About Metro-West Appraisal Co., LLC: 

Headquartered in Detroit, Metro-West has provided reliable, fully compliant residential real estate appraisal solutions and alternative valuation products for clients since 1987. Metro-West is the nation’s largest independent appraisal firm with staff appraisers located in over 80 major metro markets, each staffed with full-time W-2 appraisers who help maintain quality and consistency across the company’s entire network.


About Valuation Link, LLC:  

A full-service national provider of appraisal management, valuation management and settlement solutions. Operating daily in all 50 states, Valuation Link (VL) was founded and managed by certified appraisers with over 100+ combined years of experience serving many of the top lenders in the country.