What Our Clients Can Expect When Placing an Order With Us

February 18, 2020

Class Valuation has been dedicated to providing outstanding customer service since our inception in 2009. Our biggest priority is to help you, so you can make your borrower’s dreams of homeownership come true. That’s why we created Classcierge. Classcierge is our commitment to providing exceptional customer service, going above and beyond, in our efforts to help you and your organization get to the next level. But what does this mean for you, exactly? As the Chief Operating Officer at Class Valuation, I’d like to detail what you can expect when placing an order with us.

Real Relationships

We believe that real results begin with building real relationships. Therefore, we work on building a rapport with you that goes beyond the transactional. When you work with us, you’ll find that our dedicated customer service staff will come to know you by name. This is because they are committed to taking a personal investment in your orders and success. Your customers are not just a file number or property address to you, and so they aren’t just a file number to us either. We know that behind every order is a person who is relying on you in their pursuit of homeownership.

Timely Responses

We live in a high-speed society where we are used to receiving what we want when we want it, and business is no different. When so much is on the line, no one should have to wait. 65% of consumers expect a brand to respond in under two hours – and we agree! That’s why we strive to respond to our clients in under an hour.

Personalized Experiences

Even though we communicate through technology more than ever before, customers increasingly want a personalized experience when it matters most. And what is more important (or stressful) than buying a home? Many home buyers report feeling extreme anxiety during the journey to homeownership, and so we do our best to put their minds at ease. When you call our office, you will speak to one of our enthusiastic Client Services team members at our Troy, MI headquarters, who are trained to handle your orders with empathy and understanding.

Problem Solving

When challenges do arise, they can be as complex as the orders themselves. When that happens, our Client Services team members are empowered to think outside the box to solve your issues and go the extra mile until it gets done. You can rest assured that when you call us, the person on the other line is invested in getting the job done, providing transparency as we work toward a solution, and getting the problem solved.

About the Author:

As Chief Operating Officer of Class Valuation, Stephanie Holdsworth leads our entire Operations Team, including innovation operations, training, development, client on-boarding, system integrations and information systems. Stephanie has more than 17 years in the mortgage industry and has led Valuations Teams with big banks supporting originations, home equity, servicing, and default. Stephanie is passionate about providing an exceptional customer experience for every client by providing strong communication, transparency through the fulfillment process, and credible valuations.