Valuation Innovation®

The industry is constantly changing. We are committed to your long-term success through technological innovation designed to lead the industry into the future of home valuation.

Thoughtful Change®

3D Property Scanning Technology

Custom-built Mobile Solution

AI-Powered Quality Control

At Class Valuation, our goal is to lead and define Valuation Innovation that will ensure our partners’ long-term success. We listen to the feedback from our appraisers, our clients, and other industry stakeholders to ensure we are introducing change that is thoughtful and essential to offering best-in-class service.

Property Fingerprint
By creating the industry’s first true Property Fingerprint, we are now collecting more robust and granular data for greater insight into property details. This offers lenders and downstream users a level of transparency and certainty unlike anything they’ve experienced before.

Purpose-Built Appraisal Technology
In partnership with InsideMaps, we’ve developed technology that enhances every aspect of the home valuation process. The use of 3D property scanning exposes property deficiencies, highlights updates and amenities, practically eliminates inspection errors, and offers improved credibility and complete transparency.

Tools Designed for Accuracy
Class INtelligence™ deploys advanced analytics on appraisal data to assess accuracy and validate that the appraisal meets various guidelines and regulations. Lenders can rest assured that not only did one of our experienced QC team members meticulously review each appraisal, but the report passed Class INtelligence’s pre-defined rules. Our use of machine learning in quality control and order assignment leverages property characteristics and detailed performance history specific to product, geography, and client specifications to ensure each order gets into the most qualified appraiser’s hands and utilizes our operational hierarchy for advanced QC on every order.

Through our technological innovation efforts, our focus remains centered on exceeding customer service expectations every step of the way.




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